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Take the free Emotional Index Quiz and discover your top four personal and emotional needs. Knowing exactly what your needs are is the first step in fulfilling your needs--after all, if you don't know what your needs are it is pretty difficult to satisfy them. Raise your own emotional intelligence instantly with this powerful quiz. Available to the public and to clients absolutely free! Read The Secret Laws of Attraction by Talane Miedaner for a full understanding of the power of your emotional needs.

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Try 30 days of coaching for $97! Check out our brand new Coach Yourself to Success Online program now available at LifeCoach.com. While nothing beats the personalized attention you get with your own life coach, not everyone is prepared for the financial investment. Get started with 30 days of life coaching for $97 and you'll be on the way to success in every area of your life!

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Kathee Hill
Kathee is a life coach specializing in transition coaching to those who find themselves seeking a more balanced life. The gift she gives her clients is the support and safety net they need to make positive changes. As a successful Lifecoach.com phone class leader, she has seen first hand how taking one hour a week to focus on what is important to you can give you the courage to make changes. The common theme with both her private clients and her teleclass participants is having the support and encouragement of her coaching to successfully make changes. 

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90 Days to a New Career--brand new Phone Class led by Master Certified Coach, Talane Miedaner. Based on the 7 step program in her new book, Coach Yourself to a New Career, Talane will help you identify the work you love. Learn more about this life and career changing new class!